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"I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares"- Saul Bass

Love in my Life

Love is that energy that comes twinkle toe-ing out of the closet when you are about to make a negative decision. It is a small ounce of energy, but tapping into it unleashes a great life force. So do not ignore it!

Love is an intense flame that continues to burn when everyone says “No” but you say “Yes!”. Be careful not to blow it out! 

Love is the magnet at your fingertips when you are about to suppress a few kind words because you feel jealous. Love is there, and sharing the love through a compliment or a few kind words makes a WORLD of difference. 

Love is the ocean current that saves you from drowning in self-doubt. Immerse yourself in the current that gives you strength, and you will appreciate the unique adventure that is finding yourself.

secret torture

sway sway sway sway

swing swing swing swing

the heat of nervousness brings moisture to your skin

trickling down from your temples- beads of anxiety

They can no longer contain themselves in your pressurized face

The silhouette disturbs your focused lens 

Numbers pushing the energy of time 

“Clear your mind, listen to the music”

A horse can sigh just like you

After pushing limit after limit until lungs are full 

You keep wondering but keep moving

Finally, acceleration becomes deceleration 

Beep and its done

Excited to find out- is it him?

Your secret torture sets you free

It ain’t him you silly girl.